When to See a Psychiatrist: 8 Signs It’s Time

When to See a Psychiatrist: 8 Signs It’s Time

when to see a psychiatrist

It can be difficult to know when to see a psychiatrist.

Maybe you aren’t sure if psychiatry is right for you. Maybe you aren’t sure if you have needs that can be met by a psychiatrist. Or, maybe you are just too nervous to make the call and schedule your first appointment.

If any of those things sound like you, it’s at least worth exploring if it’s time to see a psychiatrist.

There are several warning signs that can tell you. There are behavioral and physical changes that your body uses as a cry for help. If you’re experiencing any of these situations, it might be time to see a psychiatrist.

#1) You Have Trouble Sleeping

Everyone has trouble sleeping from time-to-time, but if this becomes a chronic problem for you then you could experience a variety of other mental stressors and challenges. Good sleep helps you think clearly and make decisions. You can handle emotions better when you are well-rested. Seeing a psychiatrist may help you get to the root of your sleep problems, whether they are caused by mental strain or chemical imbalances.

#2) You Struggle to Maintain Relationships

Your friends and family are your support system through anything you need to overcome. They can identify warning signs that you show and step in to help. However, if you are distancing yourself from these relationships and acting in ways that make it difficult for people to remain close with you, it may be time to get professional help.

#3) You Have Trouble Thinking Clearly

Do you ever feel like there is too much pressure on you to make decisions? Do you have a hard time breaking down information and making choices based on the information? These are warning signs that you need to see a psychiatrist. An inability to think clearly can lead to confusion, making you feel scared and overwhelmed. Some people shut down completely and stay home because they are unable to decide what to do. Your mind is sending you warning alerts that you need to see a professional.

#4) Your Keep Making Rash Decisions

If you aren’t thinking clearly, then you may start to make rash decisions that have real consequences for your life. For example, you may quit your job unexpectedly or block a few close friends over a small disagreement. People who make rash decisions may also move a relationship forward with a significant other faster than they otherwise would. You may find yourself engaged or moving in with someone within the first few months of dating. A psychiatrist can help you identify negative obstacles that impact your mental state and lifestyle.

#5) You Lose Interest in Things That Bring You Joy

Some people make rash decisions when they can’t think clearly; other people pull away from what they love. This could include ignoring friends and family, or it could mean giving up hobbies and other things that bring you joy. Examples include no longer wanting to go running, giving up on your art, and losing focus on books or movies. You may feel restless when doing these things or avoid doing them altogether.

#6) You Have Trouble Keeping a Job

While you may be able to give up hobbies and distance yourself from friends, your employer will likely be less sympathetic. You may find that you are unable to keep a job because you don’t show up or can’t work productively throughout the day. If you are prone to making rash decisions, you might even quit your job unexpectedly or turn a small problem into a large issue that makes you leave.

#7) Your Appearance and Home Maintenance Suffers

When you can’t sleep, feel depressed, and experience rapid mood shifts, you may find that basic tasks like showering or washing your clothes seem impossible. Your outward appearance may suffer, making you feel worse about yourself and less willing to go outside. Even if you keep a clean outward appearance, your home might reflect the challenges your mind is going through. You may struggle to wash your dishes or buy food, you may exhibit hoarding behaviors, or you could let clutter build on itself creating more of a mess. It isn’t uncommon for people in need to maintain a good job and clean appearance but have an out-of-control home.

#8) Your Past Trauma Keeps Surfacing

It is entirely possible that you know the source of your anxiety or depression. However, you might not know when to see a psychiatrist for it. The past isn’t always in the past. You may need to keep working through past trauma and discuss the emotions you feel related to certain experiences or incidents. If you find that you fight to keep past trauma buried and don’t know why it keeps coming up, then you may need professional insight.

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Know When to See a Psychiatrist Before Your Symptoms Get Out of Hand

The time to seek psychiatric help is when you notice that these situations keep popping up and impeding on your life. If you don’t do something to stop the problems now, they can bloom into something bigger. So if you think it may be time to see a psychiatrist, it is probably time.

Schedule an intake appointment to get feedback and insight into what can help you take control back over your life. Loving Life Today can offer a support system and plan of action to work through any problems you may have now or worry about in the future.

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