Stephanie Sanchez

Stephanie Sanchez


Stephanie Sanchez’s entire career has been spent helping people. She began in the field of education as a mathematics teacher and then realized she wanted to do more than what she could do in the classroom.

She returned to school to obtain her Master’s Degree in Counselor Education. While in grad school, she mentored college students. Upon graduation, she began working as a school counselor, teaching children and adolescents the importance of social-emotional well-being and helping them learn ways to cope with stressors and strive for a healthy, happy life.

Stephanie is passionate about using art therapy and loves helping clients identify and process emotions creatively. Through many different mediums, she uses art therapy to allow her clients to explore and express themselves in a deep, meaningful, and powerful way. She provides a safe space, free of judgment, where clients can explore and express themselves, leaving them feeling enlightened and empowered.

Stephanie also uses motivational interviewing, Person-Centered, and cognitive-behavioral techniques. Her goal is to affirm and empower clients toward positive change. She believes her sole purpose is to help clients realize their truest potential and recognize the power that already exists within them.

In her free time, Stephanie enjoys getting outside in nature. Even a moment of fresh air and sunshine can rejuvenate her, and she enjoys slowing down and soaking in the simple things life has to offer, like the sound of birds chirping and wind blowing in the trees. Stephanie is a mom to a toddler and believes being a mother has changed, enlightened, and empowered her.

Specialized Areas

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Person-Centered Therapy,
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy


  • University of South Florida, Mathematics Education and Counselor Education

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