How to Celebrate Mother’s Day During COVID-19

Mother's Day Covid-19

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day During COVID-19

Mother's Day Covid-19

Combining the term “social distancing” with Mother’s Day seems like it would make this particular day for Mom difficult to observe in a way we’re accustomed to. You want to express your gratitude and love for Mom by being close and able to give her a hug, allowing her to feel your appreciation for her first-hand. After all, she has been one of the single most influential individuals in your life!

But how, just how, can you really get across your deep appreciation for her while you look like a villain out a James Bond movie, donning your facemask and surgical gloves? It seems like the set-up for a comedy skit.

Breathe easy, and rest assured that you can still make this day for Mom more meaningful than any other year.

Consider What Your Mom Really Needs

Main-stream media would have you thinking that the only way to show your love is to spend money on a lavish gift to symbolize your love, rather than something that actually comes from the heart.

You know and I know, Mom doesn’t care what it is, she just wants to feel loved and appreciated. So, what can we do for her that will mean more than our typical plans?

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What has been in the forefront of Mom’s mind lately?
  • How does Mom give and receive love the most?
  • What gifts has Mom received in the past that made the most impact?
  • What are my favorite memories with Mom?

After you’ve answered these, put them to use. You can either use some of the following suggestions or create your own special way to celebrate Mother’s Day, while making sure everyone stays safe.

Tips For Celebrating Mother’s Day During COVID-19

Now that you have some mental guidelines to work along, try out some of these celebration ideas.

  • Watch party movie night. Thanks to media outlets, we have a way to be with Mom while still remaining six feet apart. Order her favorite dinner to her house and invite her to watch her favorite movie together with you. Small attention to her favorite things will make this meaningful, while allowing you to talk, laugh, and connect.
  • Make a gratitude video. Put a little extra effort in on this one, and create something your mother can watch anytime she wants to. You can make it simple and just express how you feel in your own words, or, you can kick it up a notch. Insert some photos, videos, memories, and songs to give her an all-encompassing feeling, relive with her your favorite moments together and put your personal touch on it.
  • Send a homemade gift from the heart. We’ve all heard, “it’s the thought that counts” and with Moms, that is never truer. Think of her little quirks, hobbies, and decorating style, then create a heartfelt gift. Whether it’s a photo album, picture frame, or just a display peace, she will be reminded of your effort during a difficult time every time she looks at her special gift from you.
  • Help her on a project. This is a good one, especially for handy children out there. With the free time we have on our hands now, many of us have started knocking out projects at home. Now, go to your mother’s house and do one for her. Don’t just bring your tools and materials, bring a little something extra with you. This is a good time to combine a homemade gift with an “act of service” that will be a real game-changer.
  • Host a Mother’s Day parade. This is my favorite one. Plan with your siblings, their/your kids, and close family friends and coordinate a time to be at Mom’s house. Get the kids involved, have them make signs, get balloons, and make an incredible memory for everyone in the family. Just remember to talk to your Mom and make sure she’ll be outside waiting for you.

Make Happy Pandemic Memories

No matter what you do to celebrate your mother this year, remember that good energy and happy feelings are the best remedies for any ailment or stress.

Take control of the situation we’re in this year and create happy memories, even during a time of crisis.

For more tips on how to cope and deal with these challenging and unusual times, please check out our guide: How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During COVID-19.

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