Want to Make a Lasting Lifestyle Change? You Need These 3 Things

Lifestyle Change

Want to Make a Lasting Lifestyle Change? You Need These 3 Things

Lifestyle Change

Your lifestyle is what you do every day. It’s your actions, behaviors, and habits. It’s how you interact with the world and yourself.

If you aren’t intentional about what kind of life you want to live, you can end up in a lifestyle that doesn’t suit you or make you happy or healthy.

But, the good news is change is possible. If you aren’t happy with the life you are living, you can make a lifestyle change.

What’s a Lifestyle Change?

A lifestyle change is a modification to your behaviors and habits so you can create positive change in your life.

Lifestyle changes are powerful because they can completely alter your emotional state, your physical pain, and even your attitude to how you  approach life. A lifestyle change goes beyond saying no to sugar for one week or going for a walk on a random Monday morning. It is about living the healthy life you have been dreaming of and adopting habits that make you feel better overall.

If your lifestyle isn’t working for you, it’s time to make a change.

How to Make a Lifestyle Change

If you are serious about creating a lifestyle change, it can feel a bit daunting. Change can be overwhelming, especially if you’re adopting drastic new measures. But, there are a few ways to make it easier.

There are three things that will help you on your way to making a change.

  1. Accountability — You need someone or something to keep you on track.
  2. Holistic Approach — You need to make changes to your whole self, not just one small part.
  3. Plan — You need to outline the steps that will lead to real, lasting change.

When you have the right support system and tools, you will be far more likely to create meaningful change in your life. These three things can improve the likelihood that you will create real change.

At Loving Life Today, we know how important these things are to making real change — and that’s why we use them with our clients.

Make a Lifestyle Change with Loving Life Today

You might not have life-pressing issues or debilitating problems that are stopping you from living your life, and yet, you still feel this need to change into something better. We can help you do that.

Here at LLT, we are not only helping people going through the big changes. We can also create short-term programs for people who want smaller but significant changes in their life by offering the following support and resources.

#1) Accountability

The reason why you have been unable to dive into the lifestyle changes you have been longing for could be either one of the following reasons. It could be that your willpower has failed you in being more disciplined about implementing certain changes or you don’t know what to do to bring about the right changes.

This is why accountability is important. You need people to hold you accountable so you can succeed in changing but it cannot be just anyone. You need people who can guide you in making the right changes — professionals who will address your issues from different angles and perceive the underlying issues you cannot see, so that your problems can be tackled adequately for you to experience lasting changes.

#2) Holistic Approach

For a problem to be addressed from different angles, you need more than one person to hold you accountable.

That’s why we at LLT will introduce you to a team of professionals, rather than just one doctor, so they can give their input and create a holistic wellness program for you. Remember that whatever your source of pain is — whether it’s emotional, physical or mental, it’s not one problem that is causing it.

Here at LLT, we combine eastern and western medicine into one treatment focused model to address pain on any level and create lasting lifestyle changes. If it’s severe and constant migraines you are suffering from, we don’t want to prescribe you a pill to squash the pain — that would be a temporary solution.

Instead, we want to see what you’re facing on a daily basis, your physical routine and other elements that we can help you change, so you can ease the constant headaches. Don’t get us wrong, we believe that medication can be very important too, especially for certain issues but we also hold natural treatments high up on the list of solutions, as traditional medicine is for clinics around the world.

#3) A Plan

There is no one solution for everyone — even if two people are suffering from the same symptoms. Moreover, we at LLT work to see beyond the problem at hand. You could come at LLT seeking help for a marital problem and we can assist you but what lies beneath the problem? Solving your marital problem would only be a temporary solution because there may be other underlying issues going on.

We are trained to analyze what lies beneath the issue so we can create a plan that would solve your problem as well as its underlying causes. Only in doing so will we have succeeded in giving you a lasting lifestyle change.

Ready to Make a Lifestyle Change?

At times, lifestyle changes can sound like a luxury option for people who have the time and money to spare. Sadly, this kind of mentality will only have you wasting more money on pills without addressing the real issues.

Tackling a problem early on is always better than allowing it to grow out of proportion. In saying yes to change and by making time to tackle those small issues, you are investing in yourself and preventing yourself from going down an unhealthy and scary path before you seek real change.

If you are really ready to make a change to your life so you can be happier and healthier, Loving Life is here to help. Our team is ready to share the support and resources you need to help you move toward the life you want.

Make the change. Start living the life you want.

For information about working with Loving Life, download our free guide and get $25 off your first session with us (either in-office or virtually).

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