How to Live a Life of Gratitude and Find More Happiness

How to Live a Life of Gratitude

How to Live a Life of Gratitude and Find More Happiness

In a world where we are profoundly connected — where we can communicate with our loved ones living on the other side of the world and we can run an international business from a tiny room in our apartment — we should be happier because life is more efficient.

Yet, the opposite is often the case.

We are living in an age where being discontent and the idea of always needing more are constantly being promoted.

But, we cannot blame the age we are living in for our unhappiness. Instead, we must focus on being grateful for what we have in order to be happier.

We must learn how to live a life of gratitude.

How to Live a Life of Gratitude

Make a List

You can write full journal entries before you go to bed but if this is too tedious of a task for you, then at least invest in a notebook and write one thing you are grateful that happened during your day right before you go to bed.

Whether it was something silly or a romantic gesture, a small accomplishment or a difficult lesson you had to learn, make sure to write it down, so you can give meaning to your day. It may be one sentence but the act will get you to go in search of the things that made the day special, rather than dismissing it as just another stressful one.


The slew of benefits that come with meditation are numerous including teaching you how to live a life of gratitude. The act of meditation will enable you to focus on the present. You won’t be focusing on the past (on your regrets) or on the future (on what you want) and this way, you can look at what you have now and appreciate it.

Not sure how to get started with meditating? Check out these seven mini meditations you can do anywhere, anytime.

Beat the Dark Times

It is far easier to be grateful when things in your life are going well but when the dark times take over, it is a different story. Take pride in being grateful during the difficult times.

Being grateful doesn’t mean you are going to be cheerful all the time, instead, it is about knowing that despite the dark times, you can still perceive light in your life, whether that’s in your religion, your loved ones or your work.

Show Your Gratitude

Mastering gratitude means showing it towards those around you as well. Spread this infectious attitude by saying thank you for the little things others do for you and through your behavior towards them.

When you live a life driven by gratitude it doesn’t mean it is full of laughs but it does mean you are choosing to see the beauty in it, despite how overwhelming it can get. It means you can defeat the darkest of times and cultivate better relationships; it also means you can think better and find other, healthier, routes to move beyond your issues.

It’s ironic that gratitude is so simple to attain and it’s free, and yet, we often get lost spending money and time trying to find contentment in the wrong things. These four points will open new doors for you and teach you how to live a life of gratitude.

More Tips On How To Live a Life of Gratitude

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