How Ketamine Can Help Your Depression


How Ketamine Can Help Your Depression

Approximately 15 million Americans suffer from major depression every year.

Many of them have tried dozens of medications and found no relief, leaving them feeling more distressed than ever.

But recently a surgery anesthetic Ketamine has been discovered to help greatly in the treatment of depression, bipolar disorder and suicidal tendencies.

And it’s changing the way we treat depression.

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How Ketamine Treatment Works

There are two forms of Ketamine administration: IV fluid and nasal spray. Both have been proven effective.

Whereas traditional antidepressants (Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin, etc.) take a number of weeks to have an effect, Ketamine works in a matter of hours.

Antidepressants typically work on the serotonin and noradrenaline systems of the brain, but Ketamine acts on the brain’s NDMA receptors which are involved in functions of memory and cognition. Previously, no one was aware that these systems played a part in major depression.

During treatment, patients come into the clinic and are made comfortable as the Ketamine is administered. Typically they then relax and enjoy music and or meditation.

After the session, they are left feeling settled and comfortable. Some patients describe a realization that their problems aren’t so bad after all, and neither is life.

Patients describe feeling calm and pleasant, and occasionally as if they are witnessing their life, rather than taking part in it.

This feeling can last anywhere from 1-12 weeks, and boosters can be administered if and when the depression begins to settle back in.

Ketamine has been shown to reduce stress in people over things they can’t control. This is extremely important when someone feels lost, confused, and overwhelmed. Creating a window of clarity in which they can reconsider and seek help can literally be a life-saver.

A Powerful, Success Story

Bloomberg Business recently published an article about the positive results that people are finding with Ketamine treatment.

In the article, “Is Ketamine the best hope for curing major depression?” we are introduced to Dennis Hartman.

At 46, Hartman had been dealing with major depression for over 30 years. After trying more than 15 different antidepressants, Hartman was ready to give up on finding relief. He scheduled his suicide.

But one night at 3:15 am (Hartman remembers the exact time that his life changed), he saw news story about Ketamine. He immediately sent an email to join the trial which provided him with treatment a few days later.

“It was the moment of my life,” he says. “Within a few hours I could tell that my anxiety and depression were completely gone for the first time in my memory.”

The treatment literally save Hartman’s life and prompted him to start the Ketamine Advocacy Network where he works tirelessly to help spread awareness about the power of Ketamine to fight major depression.

Ketamine Comes to Tampa

Loving Life is proud to bring these benefits to Tampa as we now offer Ketamine Depression Treatment at our downtown holistic health and wellness facility.

As with any medication, Ketamine is much more effective when combined with therapy.

The Loving Life staff consists of anesthesiologists, MDs, and mental health therapists who work together to treat the whole problem, not just the symptoms of depression.

Ketamine creates a period of uplifted positivity and well-being, during which therapy can have a major, lasting impact. In just a few visits patients can learn to cope with common symptoms that would normally bring them down, and their newfound positivity will help them cement those new skills.

Our staff’s combined experience means that patients have access to a full, in-house treatment team intent on helping them through the hard times, and turning life into something enjoyable every single day.

If you would like more information about pricing, success rates, or treatment, please call us for more information 813-923-2548.

Or download our free Ketamine Information packet.

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