Falling Asleep at the Office? Here’s How to Stay Awake!


Falling Asleep at the Office? Here’s How to Stay Awake!

Your office probably doesn’t have a dedicated nap room, which is unfortunate because almost everyone feels like they could use one during the work day. Instead we find ourselves downing cup after cup of coffee and counting the minutes until we’re free to go home to our pajamas.

But we’re here to share some great tricks to help you keep your eyes open and stay productive, making work (and life) a lot more bearable without using up all the office coffee beans. Try some of these the next time you find yourself wishing for a pillow!


1) Get more sleep!

This one seems obvious but it isn’t easy for everyone. Some of us are late nighters, and others just don’t sleep well. But getting more and better sleep at home can help you feel refreshed and ready at the office, and your productivity levels and mood will shoot through the roof!

If you’ve been trying and just can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep, try some of the tips from our blog about bedtime habits to help you get better sleep. Everything from what to eat and when, A/C temperature and lights – you might be surprised how many of your bedtime habits are keeping you up at night.

2) Play that funky music

Bring some headphones and put on your favorite playlist to keep yourself going. Music makes dull tasks a lot more bearable, even enjoyable! And you can get excited about making new playlists for work every week. Ask your friends for tips on new music you can try out.

Some sites even have stand-up comedy on them, which should keep you smiling all day long. Just try to bust out laughing since nobody else can hear what you’re listening to. That can be a difficult exercise all by itself, and sure to keep you from dozing off at your desk.

3) Take a lap around the office

A little light exercise does wonders for productivity. You can take a long walk at lunch, or a quick one around your office. Even some easy stretches at your desk can help get your blood flowing and wake your brain up.

It’s also important to get exercise after work and at home. People who exercise regularly tend to sleep better at night, and feel more rested in the morning. You don’t have to be a gym rat to get these benefits either, an evening walk or bike ride will do!

4) Eat light

This is important in general for a healthy diet, but especially so when you’re trying to stay alert. Large meals will leave you feeling sluggish because your body wants you to lay down and digest. So it can be a huge help to eat lighter, healthier meals at lunch time to avoid this.

Keeping snacks at your desk will keep you from getting hungry all over again, even if you have a light breakfast and lunch. Also, the act of eating tends to wake you up as well. Who doesn’t get excited about snack time?

5) Engage your neighbors

Interacting with people wakes your mind right up, whether you’re talking business or pleasure. Pop over your cubicle wall or into the next office to see how your co-workers are doing. You can get their help or opinion on something, or just see how their day is going. But the break will certainly feel welcome.

This is also a great way to develop new friendships and support systems, which can be awfully important in an office work environment. And chances are, your co-worker is just as badly in need of some wakefulness and interaction.

6) Split your shift into shifts

This is an old study method that’s tried and true. For every hour that you’re at work, spend 50 minutes working, and 10 minutes doing something that you want to do. These little breaks increase productivity and keep your mind from getting burned out.

Just be careful not to let your breaks get too long or you’ll probably lose focus. A half-hour of work with a half-hour break isn’t likely to get as much work done, and the office manager probably won’t be too pleased if you only work for 4 of the 8 hours you’re there.

So next time you find yourself dozing off, pop on your headphones, go for a walk, even drag your co-worker along with you! Whatever it takes to fight the daytime sleepies. And if you need any other tips about improving your sleep or health habits, don’t hesitate to contact us and make an appointment!

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