Ketamine at Loving Life — Break Through the Despair Barrier


Ketamine at Loving Life — Break Through the Despair Barrier

The past 15 years have seen huge leaps in the evidence of the effects of Ketamine effect on major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and PTSD. For a lot of people, these conditions are so severe that normal treatments and therapies don’t provide any kind of lasting relief. As if there’s a barrier they just cannot break through, which usually creates feelings of hopelessness and despair, adding exponentially to life’s difficulty.

Feeling buried like that for such an extended amount of time, it can come as a complete shock that anything short of a life-transplant could make you feel “normal” or capable or worthwhile. But those are exactly the feelings participants have been experiencing with Ketamine in studies observed at the National Institute of Health, John’s Hopkins, Yale, Harvard, and elsewhere.


Ketamine at Loving Life

That is why we have begun offering Ketamine Depression Treatment here at Loving Life Therapy. We want to help clients recover the life and happiness they used to have, or help them achieve happiness they were never able to experience before. And our team of specialists is always adding the latest and most proven methods to our list of services.

Ketamine isn’t like antidepressants, or behavioral therapy, or other popular treatments. For someone with a treatment-resistant condition, Ketamine can be the difference between driving around on a spare tire, and replacing the tire all together. Ketamine triggers the growth of neural connections which help restore the brain to improved functionality. Meaning you don’t have to fight your way through feelings of inability and helplessness anymore. And feeling capable makes all the difference in the world. However, at Loving Life we value taking all steps necessary for improvement and healing and we strongly encourage that at no point you explore only one method of healing.

What is the process like?

  1. Meeting: The first thing that will take place once you request Ketamine treatment will be an in-depth assessment with our professional psychiatric staff. Our doctors will speak with you about the process, answer any questions, and review your medical records to determine the safest and most effective approach.
  2. Preparation: You must have a loved one drive you to and from the appointment, since you may be feeling lightheaded afterward. They are allowed to stay in our fully-furnished, comfy rooms with you if you’d like, or you can simply listen to music or relax. We also recommend that you try listening to a guided meditation and only surround yourself with positive energy during your infusion.
  3. Infusion: This is the term used to describe IV administration. Ketamine is injected in a very low dosage, over an extended amount of time, so that patients experience a slow but significant shift in mood while they are in our care. This part of the process takes between 45-60 minutes, during which you will probably feel physically relaxed, but also mentally active in a very impressionable state. This is why listening to a positive guided meditation can be very effective.
  4. Relief: Patients often feel like they are seeing so many aspects of their life for the first time, or from a completely different perspective. Ketamine is not a “miracle drug” and won’t suddenly remove all problems from your life, but it can help you find firm footing to start making positive changes in your life. It may provide the platform that is needed for you to begin utilizing all other tools in your process of healing. For best results, we highly recommend that you participate in some therapy or any other methods of self improvement and behavioral management of your disorder.

Newfound ability

Imagine how much easier mornings would be if you didn’t struggle to get out of bed. Or how much easier work would be if your body and mind didn’t do everything possible to resist it. These are some of the results people have reported experiencing. The ability to function regularly, the way you know that you can but just don’t seem able to.

These new abilities have a domino effect, gradually making everything in life seem a little more manageable. Once you’re able to stop fighting and struggling against yourself, you can focus your full attention and energy on accomplishing the things you want out of life.

Whereas therapy and life skill exercises alone may have felt pointless and unhelpful before – with a new state of mind, they can actually help you to improve your worldview and coping skills. Ketamine is most effective when administered over multiple treatments, until the skills that you’re able to learn sink in, and you find yourself fully capable of dealing with life’s problems and curveballs on your own. In a way, it lifts the curtain of confusion and helplessness until you’re strong enough and sharp enough to lift it yourself.

If you’ve been struggling endlessly with any of the disorders mentioned above, call or email us to find out more about our Ketamine treatment program. Our staff will be happy to meet and talk with you personally to answer any questions and get you started on a track to real life-improvement.

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