Benefits of Therapeutic Yoga You Probably Don’t Know

Benefits of Therapeutic Yoga You Probably Don’t Know

Yoga is a natural, therapeutic form of exercise that comes with a slew of benefits. Yoga enables us to address physical, mental, and emotional issues our body is going through. And, the benefits of therapeutic yoga offer even more. 

The benefits of therapeutic yoga are stronger than those in a regular fitness style yoga class because it offers one-on-one sessions designed to target the specific problems you want to resolve. The yoga instructor can focus more on you and what you need, so that the sequences are designed with your unique needs in mind. 

Benefits of Therapeutic Yoga

Benefits of Therapeutic Yoga Go Beyond the Physical

The list of benefits that come with yoga is a significant one but moving beyond flexibility, weight loss, and general fitness. Here is a list of ways therapeutic yoga can be beneficial to your well-being.

Alleviates mental stress. Yoga is a natural power tool to release the mind from stress that can often lead to creative mental blocks or to a narrow perception of our lives and difficulty in facing the challenges we could be going through. With yoga’s meditative nature, your instructor can help you to address your mental stress by helping you to clear your mind and learn to focus on the present.

Releases tension. Tension exhibits itself in different forms in every one of us. For some, chronic tension in the muscles is the result and for others, it means constant migraines. The benefits of therapeutic yoga include poses that address the specific tension in your body. The yoga instructor can guide you to release the tension from your shoulders, your neck or other parts of your body that are too tense because of anxiety and constant worrying.

Controls anxiety. Anxiety triggers tension and stress, and it can leave us feeling fatigued not only physically but even mentally and emotionally because we can often find ourselves in fight or flight mode. With therapeutic yoga, you can be taught how to control your fears and how to release anxiety in a natural way and in a safe environment, without having to resort to anti-anxiety medication if you don’t want to.

Helps with depression. The spiraling thoughts that come with depression, or worse, that numb feeling you can start to experience, can leave you feeling deprived of the daily joys of life. Allow the benefits of therapeutic yoga to bring relief from such mental turbulence by having your yoga instructor address your mental issues, so you can alleviate the negativity and focus on being more present and perceptive.

Manages insomnia. We should never dread bedtime but often, when there is a problem of insomnia, dread is a natural emotion. Therapeutic yoga can help you to manage insomnia. Here at Loving Life Therapy, one of our therapeutic classes addresses the problem of insomnia, as our yoga instructor uses yogic sequences and poses that help encourage better sleep.

Eases anger. Pent up issues can lead to outbursts and regrets, or worse, lead to self-harm by overeating, self-criticizing and self-punishing. A therapeutic yoga class can enable you to address your anger in a safe environment as the yoga instructor can teach you how to release it in a way that does not lead to self-harm or harm towards others.

Besides these, there are other benefits of yoga therapy that you should choose to take advantage of before resorting to drastic measures. Pain management is one other example, where your yoga instructor can teach you how to manage chronic pain in certain areas in your body. Stomach aches can be addressed through therapeutic yoga too, as can constant fatigue.

What To Expect In a Therapeutic Yoga Class

Choosing to attend a therapeutic yoga class is about making a conscious decision to address certain problems in your physical, mental or emotional state. This can be a life-changing decision, especially if you attend class regularly and find a yoga instructor who you connect to.

Addressing problems early on is always better. Learning to fight anxiety when you start feeling its roots taking over your mental state is best, rather than allowing medication to do the fighting for you. Same goes for chronic tension. It is ideal that you address the pain in your neck or back before you have to resort to surgery or medication.

We want you to see for yourself how beneficial therapeutic yoga can be and that is why we want to offer you $25 off your first private session with one of our in-house yoga instructors.

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