On Being Grateful

On Being Grateful

12393728_mlMore often than not, being happy is merely a decision we make as opposed to an end result to be achieved. If you look at the life you are currently living, it is most likely correct to say that you have been working at it a little too hard.

You have been struggling and fighting for the moment when you wake up and think, “YES! I finally have everything I want and need, and I am happy now.”

But for many, that moment never shows up, despite the fact that when you look around you have in actuality achieved and obtained all the things you wanted yesterday, but today, today is a new day and now you want new things.

More often than not, we take for granted the highly influential effects of gratitude. As a society we are programmed to be victims. Yes, even blaming the dog for eating your homework is a victimized mentality.

Very rarely were we taught to be thankful for the shoes we have (K-mart brand or not). Sure our parents reminded us that “there are starving kids in Africa” but very rarely were we held accountable for the gratitude we owe ourselves and the people around us.

Because of this deep-rooted inability to be genuinely thankful and grateful as a nation, we work, work, and then work some more because we need more “things” and we need to be happier. If only we can find a way to stop needing more “things” or stop needing others to do more things to make us happy.

Well now, now is the time to stop being a victim and just be HAPPY. It is a CHOICE and it IS something completely and utterly within our control. This blog will be dedicated to doing just that. Exploring all the different ways that we can be happy and grateful NOW, not later, but now. I want to explore all the ways to feel enlightened, liberated, and just plain good every day all the while gaining control of my life.

So, embark on this journey with me!

Feel free to message me via e-mail or through my contact page with any questions and/or topics you may have.

With Love, Light, and Happiness,
Dr. Yvonka De Ridder, Ph.D, M.S., M.F.T.

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