4 Easy Steps to Help Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.)


4 Easy Steps to Help Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.)

Erectile dysfunction can be very frustrating to men, young and old, as they struggle with not seeing the results they are accustomed to when they are aroused. It can not only wreak havoc on their relationships, but also on their self esteem. ED can be caused by any number of mental or physical ailments from anxiety/depression to clogged blood vessels. One of the reasons we are seeing men at such young ages dealing with it is the rise of antidepressant prescriptions these young men are on.


In this case, ED can’t be cured all at once because stopping their medications cold turkey is not an option. However, there are some natural ways you can gradually improve your depression and health and therefore your condition, and get back much of that lost excitement in your relationships as well. No matter the cause, here are some helpful things you can do.


The most obvious problem in Erectile Dysfunction is a lack of blood flow. Oftentimes men correct for this using sexual enhancers or blood pressure medication, but there are easier, more natural ways to regain healthy blood flow on a regular basis.

Omega-3 is a fatty acid found in many kinds of fish, nuts and leafy greens. That means eating more salmon, walnuts, kale – even beans – can improve your ability to keep an erection going strong. Because so many people are deficient in this vital fatty acid, the best way to introduce it as a part of treatment is to saturate your body with mega doses of high quality Omega 3 (Krill, salmon. or fish oil) supplements. Taking 4000 units per day of EPA and DHA is a great method of getting back to the kind of circulation your body needs. This is a great mood stabilizer, and antioxidant and it helps you improve the quality of your sleep as well. If you do nothing else to help with your depression and its negative side effects, it’s highly recommended you do this daily for 3 months and then reduce it to 1000 units per day.

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium is a mineral that naturally occurs in the human body and directly affects hormone production. So when magnesium levels are low, fertility and desire are negatively affected. Many people become magnesium-deficient without ever realizing it, and may not recognize the effects.

Introducing this oil into your daily routine can improve workout recovery and skin health, relieve migraines, and regulate diabetes. You can rub it into your skin, pour some into your bathwater or get your partner to give you a loving massage using it as lubricant.

B12 Spray

Not only does the vitamin B12 support red blood cell production, it also protects nerves in the penis from becoming damaged. So insufficient levels of B12 in your system can readily lead to problems with Erectile Dysfunction.

Like Omega-3, B12 can be found in pill form, but it seems to absorb easier as an oral spray. Keeping a little bottle in your home, car or bag and spraying it between 8 and 10 times daily can have you on your way back to feeling vibrant and energetic and therefore great in bed.

Mental Erectile Dysfunction

When the problem has more to do with your mind than your body, sprays might not do the trick. Take some time to think about what else might be putting your fire out. Are you having trouble in your relationship? Have you been feeling depressed or insecure? Are you sleeping well and eating healthy foods that can provide nutrients to your body?

All of these things and more could cause you to feel frustrated and unable to perform. The only thing there is to do is untangle the mental web that’s holding you back. That’s what we do best. Getting support through an experienced therapist can help your overcome some of the issues you’re working with.

As you improve your overall well being through counseling, nutrition, vitamins and minerals, you should be able to slowly wean yourself of high doses antidepressants under the care of your primary physician. As your need for those medications decreases and you find yourself flourishing in all areas of your life, ED will become a thing of the past.

If you feel like you’re struggling with any of the above problems, or have a question about any of the remedies mentioned in this blog, contact us here, we’re ready and happy to help.

(NOTE: You can also find any of these supplements on sites like Metagenics.com and Mercola.com)

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